What can I expect from the treatment?


On the treatment programme, you will meet therapists with expertise on this topic, and who know that people with a sexual interest in children do not usually act on their thoughts.

The treatment is provided on an outpatient basis and takes the form of individualised therapy with a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

Treatment steps

In the first therapy session, we will be focusing on your reason for seeking treatment. Your therapist will be guiding you in exploring your treatment challenges and expectations, and explaining more about how the treatment programme is structured and what it involves.

In the next stage of treatment, the therapist will be talking to you about some key topics, which it is important to know more about so as to give you the therapy that covers your particular concerns.

The treatment addresses your individual needs and is adapted for you in terms of how often you need therapy sessions and for how long. The aim of the therapy is to improve your quality of life and independence, and at the same time prevent child sexual abuse.

After your treatment programme has ended, you will be offered follow-up support, at your option.

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