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Det finnes hjelp is a new treatment programme in Norway based on studies and experience from other countries offering similar support programmes. The feedback from participants in programmes abroad is positive because the treatment programme is effective. The treatment programme offered under Det finnes hjelp is based on the latest research in Norway and internationally and will be developed as we learn more.

Det finnes hjelp is underpinned by the following theoretical and evidence-based approaches:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • The Risk-Needs-Responsiveness principles
  • Strength-based approach, as in the Good Lives Model
  • Self-regulation process model of child sexual abuse
  • Trauma-informed care principles

The treatment provided under Det finnes hjelp is designed to help you build your skills in achieving positive and healthy life goals while tackling risk factors in a way that prevents harm.

Studies show that it is possible to achieve positive life changes by directing attention at other meaningful aspects of life and addressing personal relationships that affect the ability to deal with everyday challenges, such as self-regulation of personal emotions and stress management.

In addition to the actual treatment programme, many other factors influence the effectiveness of the treatment. The most important factor is that you are seeking help and have made a personal commitment to getting treatment.

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