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This is support service where you can receive advice from a clinical psychologist via a live chat service, without disclosing who you are. Here you can talk about your concerns.

Our opening hours are 12:00 -14:00 on weekdays

Tjenesten er nå stengt. Åpningstiden er hverdager mellom kl 11:00 og 13:00

Anonymity and privacy in live chat sessions with us

You can chat with us in Det finnes hjelp without disclosing who you are. You do not need to set up a user profile.

As live chat counsellors, we only have access to the information you opt to share with us during our live chat session.

The live chat session you have with us is encrypted and the content of the live chat is deleted immediately at the end of the live chat session. If you want, you can delete what was written in the chat before and continue the session.

Note, however, that a record of your IP address and the time you opened a chat will be retained for 7 days and then deleted automatically. You can read more about the reason why this is retained for 7 days in the last section on confidentiality and statutory disclosure.

Consent to data retention  

You may be asked if we may retain (store) information from the live chat session in a separate document (Triage). This is all up to you, and declining will not affect your access to advice or an appointment for treatment.  The information will be used for evaluating the service and for research. There is no link between your identity and the information retained in the document. After 7 days, your IP address is deleted, and the data logged is then completely anonymous.  After that time, it will not be possible to trace the information back to you. Phone calls are not recorded.

Book an appointment for treatment

If you would like an appointment for treatment at an outpatient centre, you must provide your name and national ID number in order to be registered in the regional health authority’s patient records system. Information about you is treated in the strictest confidence. If you do not want to provide personal information in a live chat session, you can phone for an appointment.

Confidentiality and statutory disclosure

The counsellors you live chat with in the Det finnes hjelp service are health professionals and are subject to a duty of professional confidentiality. The duty of confidentiality means we are required by law to protect your privacy. At the same time, we have a statutory reporting duty. In practice, this means that we have a duty to notify emergency services if we have reason to believe that the person we are talking to is in danger of harming themselves or others or is in the process of committing a punishable offence such as child sexual abuse. If we do have to pass on information to the police, in some cases they will track the IP address in order to prevent a criminal offence posing a threat to someone’s life or health.

For more information, see About privacy and anonymity.