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Det finnes hjelp is a holistic treatment programme for adults with a sexual interest in children, and who are seeking help to avoid acting on that interest.

Det finnes hjelp is built on the philosophy that individuals did not choose their sexual interest in children, and yet, like all of us, they are responsible for their own actions. This means that any sexual behaviour involving children is harmful and not condoned.

The staff who run Det finnes hjelp know that seeking help is a big step to take.

We know that many people have tried in the past. Some have lost their courage, and some have been turned down. Many of them fear being judged. At Det finnes hjelp, you can expect to be received with kindness, respect and empathy – and recognition that you are seeking help.

This service is provided so that you can get help in dealing with your sexual interest in children. For those who are concerned that they may be at risk of committing child sexual abuse, treatment is likely to reduce the risk of that happening.

Low-threshold services and therapy at outpatient centres

Det finnes hjelp is made up of the low-threshold Detfinneshjelp.no service and a treatment programme at regional outpatient centres.

Here at Detfinneshjelp.no, you can read texts on the topic and the Det finnes hjelp  treatment programme, you can contact us via live chat for general advice and guidance, and you can book an appointment for treatment.

The counsellors staffing the live chat low-threshold service provide general advice on how to deal with a sexual interest in children. You decide what you want to discuss in the live chat. The counsellor you chat with will ask you a few questions about the thoughts you might be having about a sexual interest in children. These chats are limited in time. The advice may help to identify challenges, provide information, provide support and reassurance, as well as motivate you to seek treatment. You can contact the low-threshold service as many times as you like.

If you would like an appointment for therapy, you can book one here online. Appointments at the outpatient centres are available to anyone on request. You do not need a referral from your general medical practitioner (family doctor) or anyone else. By referring yourself for treatment, any information you provide will be kept confidential. You pay only a standard user fee for the treatment, not the full cost.

The treatment is provided as healthcare, and you will be offered an individualised programme of treatment over time to achieve changes. The Det finnes hjelp programme is based on a holistic, strengths-based approach to treatment.

For more information, see About the treatment programme 

Where to find us

The low-threshold service is available from Detfinneshjelp.no, and the counsellors are affiliated with Oslo University Hospital. The online service (phone and live chat) is open weekdays 12:00-14:00.

The treatment is offered at the following locations:

  • Oslo University Hospital
  • Stavanger University Hospital
  • Haukeland University Hospital
  • University hospital of North Norway
  • St. Olavs hospital, Trondheim University Hospital

If you live far away from even the nearest treatment centre, you will be eligible for reimbursement of your travel expenses when travelling to or from a nationally-accredited treatment centre. See Helsenorge.no for information about reimbursement of healthcare travel expenses

The Det finnes hjelp service is provided by the Norwegian Directorate of Health in collaboration with national and international expert resource centres. The service is staffed by clinical psychologists and doctors specialised in this field of care.

If you require urgent medical assistance outside our opening hours, please call the out-of-hours medical service on tel. 116 117 (open 24/7). If you experience a mental health crisis, you can also contact the emergency team at your local DPS (district psychiatric centre) emergency care team. Information about support for adults who commit violence and abuse is available in multiple languages at dinutvei.no.

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