Are you concerned about someone you know?


Sexual abuse is harmful for children. If you are worried that someone you know has sexual thoughts about children, it is important to act on your concern.

By law in Norway, all adults have a duty to prevent a child from exposure to violence and sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse is usually a planned action, in which perpetrators gradually and over time break down barriers in themselves and in the child.

It may be difficult for others to discover that this is happening. This makes it all the more important not to dismiss any concern you may have about someone you know.

For example, you may be concerned that an adult has inappropriate and overly intimate contact with a child, or seeks out places where there are children, but where adults have no place, or if the person says things that are worrying.

People who have sexual thoughts about children can be all types of people, of all ages, and many of them are in couple relationships. Most perpetrators are known to or closely related to the child, but child sexual abuse may also be by a stranger.

The Det finnes hjelp programme offers a holistic and strengths-based approach to treatment for people at risk of committing child abuse. All of our patients have the option of including their next of kin in their treatment. As next of kin, being involved in this type of situation may be very demanding, but supports positive change for the patient and reduces the likelihood of the person committing child sexual abuse.

The Det finnes hjelp service is based on self-referral, meaning that the person concerned has to take the initiative for reaching out to us for help. We regret that we are unable to contact someone based on information provided by others.

Are you worried that someone you know has sexual thoughts about children?

We understand that this may be a difficult situation and a stressful dilemma. The situation may also be full of doubts and despair.

If in doubt, please contact us via live chat. We will help you sort out your thoughts and advise you about what you should do.

If you suspect that a child is being sexually abused, you must notify the police. You can call 02800, go to your local police station in person or submit a tip to the police at