Are you a health professional?


Are you a health professional and have a patient struggling with a sexual interest in children? Please contact Det finnes hjelp to discuss the case with us.

We offer advice and guidance for health professionals via our helpline on 22 92 35 10, on weekdays 09:00-15:00. You can also send us a short, anonymised description of what you would like to discuss by e-mail, and we will assist you as quickly as we can.

Det finnes hjelp is a service for adults from 18 years of age with a sexual interest in children. The service is provided in two ways: though an online low-threshold service at where people can reach our counsellors via live chat for advice, and through an outpatient treatment programme. The treatment programme is based on self-referral and does not require a referral from a health professional. The aim of the service is to lower the barrier for making contact to ensure that help is easily accessible to those seeking it.

The treatment programme under Det finnes hjelp was developed by the Norwegian Directorate of Health in collaboration with national and international specialists and is based, among other things, on the intervention programme “Stand Strong, Walk Tall: Prehabilitation for a Better Future” from New Zealand. The method is based on cognitive behavioural theory; the Good Lives Model (GLM) and the Risk-Need-Responsibility (RNR) principles. The method is also based on aetiological assumptions in Self-regulation process model of child sexual abuse and trauma-informed care.

GLM operates with two main objectives: to reduce/manage the risk of sexual abuse and to support the patient in building the necessary knowledge, skills and resources for achieving personally meaningful life goals. The RNR principles are designed to adapt the intensity, content and format of treatment so as to best accommodate individual needs and aims.

For more information, see the National Health Advisory: Health services for adults with a sexual interest in children: Det finnes hjelp. (

More information is available from About Det finnes hjelp.