Why am I like this?


Adults having sexual feelings about children is known to have existed at all times and in most cultures.

Some people who have a sexual preference for children say that they have been attracted to children all their lives. Because the attraction is lifelong, they have come to see it as in-born and part of their sexual identity.

In the company of children, some feel that they can be themselves, and experience a connectedness that is different and stronger to what they experience with adults of their own age.

We don’t have all the facts yet to account for adult sexual desire towards children. However, studies suggest that there may be a combination of contributory causes. What we do know is that like most other feelings, our sexual feelings are shaped by key experiences in early childhood.

Examples of past experiences might be where someone has been sexually abused as a child. Later, as adults, some of those individuals will be at increased risk of sexually abusing children.

We can control our actions

Sexual feelings and sexual attraction, like any other feelings, may come and go. They may arise as sudden impulses and may cause us to do something we had no intention or inclination to do.

A common aspect of all feelings is that they are unbidden and beyond our control. But we can learn to live with those feelings in a way that is not harmful to others, and that allows us to lead a fulfilling life. You can get help with this through the Det finnes hjelp treatment programme.

If you are concerned about your thoughts about children, please reach out to us. We can help you sort out your feelings.

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