I have sexual thoughts about children and I don’t want to be that way. Is treatment right for me?


Most of the time, we have no choice about how we feel. What we can control, on the other hand, is how we behave towards ourselves and others.

Perhaps you know that you are never going to act on your sexual thoughts about children, and that the thoughts you have about children are no cause for concern. Nevertheless, we know that it can be very difficult to live with such thoughts, and some people find the thoughts such a struggle to deal with that they become self-destructive.

It can be very painful to live in constant fear of what you feel, hoping that the problem will go away by itself. The Det finnes hjelp programme allows you to share your thoughts with someone who genuinely wants to listen to what you have to say and give you constructive help in dealing with both troubling thoughts and life in general.

Sexual thoughts about children can cause upset and fear. Particularly if you also find that you are making approaches towards a child because you have sexual thoughts about them.

If there are any particular children that you are tending to think about a lot, this may be a sign that you have moved along in the process towards child sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse of a child is a planned action involving a gradual approach.

If you fear that you might commit a child sexual offence, help is available to stay safe. The most important thing is to seek help in time.

We recommend that you contact us if one or more of the following statements apply to you:

  • I struggle with difficult thoughts about having a sexual interest in children
  • I have difficulty controlling my interest in or attraction to children
  • I have had a sexual interest in children for a long time
  • I was sexually abused as a child and am attracted to children myself

Reach out to us to chat with counsellors who specialise in these concerns. We can help you sort out your thoughts.

You can also book an appointment with us for treatment at an outpatient centre. You do not need a referral from your general medical practitioner (family doctor) or anyone else. The only thing you need to do is let us know that you are seeking help.

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