How is the treatment provided?


The goal of the treatment is to improve your quality of life and life skills. For those who are concerned that they may be at risk of committing child sexual abuse, treatment is likely to reduce the risk of that happening.

The treatment is provided on an outpatient basis and takes the form of individualised therapy with a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. You can expect to be received with kindness, respect and empathy – and recognition that you are seeking help.

You will meet therapists with expertise on this topic, and who know that people with a sexual interest in children do not usually act on their thoughts.

Treatment steps

In the first therapy session, we will be focusing on your reason for seeking treatment. The therapist will, together with you, explore your challenges and expectations for the treatment. The therapist will then explain how the treatment is structured and what it involves.

In the next phase you will undergo a screening process where you will be asked to fill in some forms and the therapist will talk to you about some key topics. This is important in order for the therapist to get to know you better so as to offer you treatment to match your particular needs.

The treatment addresses your individual needs and is adapted to you – in terms of the content of the therapy, how often you need therapy and for how long. The aim of the therapy is to improve your quality of life and independence, and at the same time prevent child sexual abuse. If you are struggling with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, this will also be in focus during the treatment.

After your treatment programme has ended, you will be offered follow-up support, at your option.

Achieve a fulfilling life and reduce risk

The therapy offered under Det finnes hjelp involves helping you to build your skills for achieving positive and healthy life goals. At the same time, you will be learning to manage your sexual interest in children. Key topics during the therapy sessions will include: What are your life goals? How can you achieve your life goals, and achieve a fulfilling life, in a way that causes no harm to others?

Studies show that it is possible to achieve positive life changes by directing attention at other meaningful aspects of life and addressing personal relationships that affect the ability to deal with everyday challenges.

The treatment programme under Det finnes hjelp was developed by the Norwegian Directorate of Health in collaboration with national and international specialists and is based, among other things, on the intervention programme “Stand Strong, Walk Tall: Prehabilitation for a Better Future” from New Zealand.

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